Make an Impact with Location-based AR Marketing
Small and Medium
Looking for an affordable way to bring in new customers, build awareness, and increase the number of repeat customers to your business? Check out Niantic Sponsored Locations for small and medium businesses.
National and Global
Looking for a way to appeal to a diverse demographic that is highly engaged? Learn how Niantic’s marketing platform offers brands a new way to attract customers to real world locations at scale.
Fuel Your Foot Traffic
We’ve introduced the world to a new genre of mobile gaming – location-based AR games. These games require movement and exploration to progress. As a result, it’s now easy to secure real-world foot traffic and transactions through location-based marketing no matter where you are, supported by Niantic’s planet-scale augmented reality platform.
Customers, on Demand
Beat the holiday lull or mid-day slump with the help of sponsored locations - a simple, cost-effective solution for the everyday brick-and-mortar business. These location-relevant ads allow your team to see real results- at the supporting times you need them the most.
Boost Customer Loyalty
Drive brand awareness, repeat visits, and a positive affiliation by encouraging memorable experiences at your location. As 80% of our active players are supportive of in-game partnerships 2, you’re sure to connect with new customers and strengthen relationships with regular shoppers.
Share our Success
  • 84%
    Pokémon GO players have visited a business while playing the game. 51% for the first time. 1
  • 68%
    Play while running errands or hanging out. 1
  • 1 billion+
    app downloads.
  • 91%
    Players have visited a location because of Pokémon GO partnerships. 2
  • 98%
    Players learn about a location because it served as a PokéStop. 2
  • 73%
    Players change their regular walking route on a weekly basis to play Pokémon GO. 2
  • 74%
    Players plan routine and schedule around playing Pokémon GO. 2
See the Difference for Yourself
  1. 1, 2016. 9 Need-to-Know Facts on How Pokemon Go Players Engage with Businesses.
  2. 2 Frank N. Magid Associates, 2018.

* Please note: Niantic cannot guarantee the accuracy of third party surveys.