Local Business Recovery Initiative Nomination
Nominations are now closed. Thank you for your participation!

At Niantic, we are passionate about bringing communities together and lifting one another up, through the good times and the challenging times. We understand that many local businesses have experienced unprecedented hardship over the past few months — and we want to help.

We called upon Pokémon GO players to nominate their favorite small and local businesses to participate in the Niantic Local Business Recovery initiative. As part of our efforts to assist the economic recovery of local businesses, we are committed to supporting 1000 nominated businesses by providing complimentary promotion in Pokémon GO for one year.

Our team is now moving into the process of reviewing submissions. We thank you for your participation and look forward to welcoming your favorite small and local businesses aboard!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • + - What is the purpose of the initiative?

    The purpose of the Niantic Local Business Recovery initiative is to invite players to participate in Niantic’s efforts to stimulate local economies by nominating their favorite small and local businesses.

  • + - Which countries must nominated businesses be located in?

    At this time, we are seeking nominations for small and local businesses in the U.S., Japan, Mexico, Canada, and Great Britain.

  • + - How many businesses will be selected?

    Niantic is committed to supporting 1,000 qualified nominated businesses and will make selections based on a variety of criteria. Please see terms here.

  • + - What do the selected businesses get, and for how long?

    This initiative will provide 1,000 qualified nominated businesses with complimentary access to Niantic’s Sponsored Locations program for a full year.

  • + - When does the initiative launch?

    Nominations will be open from June 15, 2020 through July 31, 2020 at 11:59pm PDT.

  • + - When does the initiative end?

    Nominations will be open until July 31, 2020 at 11:59pm PDT. This initiative will go live for small and local businesses starting in September 2020 and occur on a rolling basis. Complimentary access for each business will conclude a full year after the business’s initial onboarding date.

  • + - What requirements must Small and Local Businesses meet to be eligible for selection into this initiative?

    In addition to meeting all standard Sponsored Location requirements, the business must be “Small and Local” as defined as operating 5 or less pedestrian-accessible storefront locations and adhere to all local social-distancing regulations.

  • + - What attributes of a nomination will disqualify the business from being eligible for the initiative?

    Submissions that are incomplete or do not adhere to the “Small and Local” guidelines (5 or less pedestrian-accessible storefront locations) or Sponsored Locations requirements will not qualify for selection into the initiative.

  • + - Can players nominate more than one business?

    Each player may nominate only one local business, by signing in and completing the nomination form above.

  • + - Will all nominated businesses be accepted into the initiative?

    Due to the limited capacity of our existing Sponsored Location program at this time, we may not be able to include each nomination. However, we are committed to supporting 1,000 of these nominated businesses.

  • + - Can an existing sponsored location business be nominated?

    Yes, an existing sponsored location business can be nominated.

  • + - What happens after a business is selected for the initiative?

    Niantic will reach out to the Business Owner/Manager indicated on the form to apply to the program. If the Business Owner/Manager applies and meets the Sponsored Locations requirements, their store will be activated as a Sponsored Location.

  • + - What additional terms and conditions apply?

    No purchase necessary. Nominations will be accepted between 06:00 a.m. PT on June 15, 2020 and 11:59 p.m PT. on July 31, 2020. Nominations must be submitted by residents who are the age of majority in and legal residents of countries where the Pokémon GO Application has been officially released, with certain exclusions. Subject to terms available here.