Reserve Your Niantic ID

What is Niantic ID?
Your Niantic ID will be your primary, unique identity across all of Niantic’s games and experiences. Moving forward, your Niantic ID will unify all of your existing in-game usernames, so your friends can always identify you by your Niantic ID.

Note: This does not mean that your in-game usernames will change. Rather, your existing (and future) in-game usernames will be connected to your Niantic ID.

Reserve Now!
Do you have an in-game name that you already love? This is your chance to claim it as your Niantic ID before anyone else! For a limited time, lock in one of your existing in-game usernames as your Niantic ID before we launch Niantic ID to the public. Niantic IDs are first-come, first-serve and will be subject to our Player Guidelines. Reservation window will be open through November 26, 2021. Sign-in to your game account to reserve your Niantic ID.