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From weather patterns to hotel costs to park availability, take a peek inside Niantic HQ as the Live Events team selects a host city:

Key Criteria
  • Is there a big, beautiful park of 50-100+ acres?
  • Is the park centrally located?
  • Do they allow festivals in the park?
  • Is it in a safe area?
  • Do you get a strong cell phone signal at the park? Is there wireless connectivity?
  • Are there dates available to hold an event?
  • Is the city a place that is financially accessible?
  • Is the park close to hotels and public transportation?
  • Does the city, including the Police Department, support the idea of an event there?
  • Are there other, competing events going on during the planned event dates?
  • Is there enthusiasm of the player community in that city?
  • What is the density of Points of Interest (ie. PokéStops, Gyms, and Portals)?
  • Is the park in an architecturally or historically interesting area?
  • Will we have the ability to load in and load out commercial vehicles and physical builds/decor?
  • Can we close roads to car traffic?
  • Can non-players still use the park while we host our event?
  • Is there parking available?
  • What is the typical weather for the park on the dates being considered?
  • + more
The submission deadline has now passed, stay tuned for exciting updates!