Frequently Asked Questions
  • + - Why is my Niantic ID unavailable?
    There are a number of reasons why a Niantic ID is not available for reservation. The two most common reasons are (1) the Niantic ID overlaps with another player in a different title who has already claimed it and (2) the Niantic ID does not meet our guidelines and policies.
  • + - Why can’t I choose a new Niantic ID right now?
    At this time, players are only able to reserve a Niantic ID for a username they already have in one of our games. Players will not be able to choose an entirely new Niantic ID using the reservation system. This is to ensure that players that have existing accounts with us have priority for Niantic IDs. If you wish to select a Niantic ID that’s different from your existing in-game username(s), there is no need to use this system. You will have the opportunity to select a different username for your Niantic ID in the future.
  • + - Will I be able to change this Niantic ID?
    Yes, you will be able to change your Niantic ID in the future. We still highly recommend that if you have an existing game username that you already love, you should claim it now before we fully launch Niantic ID.
  • + - When will Niantic ID go live?
    Niantic ID will be gradually integrated across Niantic Friends List, Niantic Profile, and our games over the next six to twelve months.
  • + - Where will my Niantic ID be seen?
    Niantic ID will be visible in three places (more to come soon!):
    1. Niantic Friends List: Your Niantic ID will be how you appear on the Niantic Friends List.
    2. Niantic Profile: The Niantic Profile (accessible via the Niantic Logo within games) will display your Niantic ID so that your friends can always identify you by your Niantic ID across our products. Niantic ID will be gradually integrated across Niantic Profiles.
    3. Niantic Chat (Closed Beta): Your Niantic ID will be your username on Niantic Chat. Niantic Chat is currently in Closed Beta and is only accessible for invited players.
  • + - Do I need to choose my Niantic ID now?
    No. This current process is to lock in one of your existing in-game usernames as your Niantic ID. If you want to choose a brand new Niantic ID that is unrelated to your in-game usernames, we will be providing a way to do so in the near future.
  • + - How will this affect my existing in-game username and accounts?
    Your Niantic ID will not replace your in-game usernames. Your in-game usernames will remain the same, but you can connect these usernames to your Niantic ID so your friends can identify you in each of the games you play.
  • + - I don’t see my in-game username on the list of available usernames.
    If you’re not able to see your desired in-game username on the list, you may have inadvertently logged into the website using a secondary Niantic account. To resolve this issue, please log out and then sign in with the email address and login method you use to log into your main account. You can review your login details in the settings menu of each app.
  • + - Why can’t I log in using my Pokémon Trainer Club account?
    Pokémon Trainer Club login is not currently supported on this website. The best way to reserve your Niantic ID is to link your Pokémon GO account to a Google, Facebook, or Apple login. Connect an additional login method to your Pokémon GO account by following the steps in this article. Once you’ve linked your account, you will be able to login to this website using the login provider you’ve linked. If you are unable to link your account, you may contact support to reserve your Trainer nickname as your Niantic ID. Requests made to support will be manually reviewed and will not instantly reserve your Niantic ID. We are not able to guarantee manual reservations.
  • + - Why can’t I login using Niantic Kids?
    Players that use the Niantic Kids login provider to access their account will not be able to reserve a Niantic ID username at this time. If you’re able to link an additional login provider (Apple, Facebook, or Google) to your Niantic Kids account, you may use one of those login providers to access this website and reserve your Niantic ID. If you are not able to link to those accounts, you will not be eligible to reserve your Niantic ID at this time.