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Make an Impact with Location-based AR Marketing
National and Global
Looking for a way to appeal to a diverse demographic that is highly engaged? Learn how Niantic’s marketing platform offers brands a new way to attract customers to real world locations at scale.
Fuel Your Foot Traffic
We’ve introduced the world to a new genre of mobile gaming – location-based AR games. These games require movement and exploration to progress. As a result, it’s now easy to secure real-world foot traffic and transactions through location-based marketing no matter where you are, supported by Niantic’s planet-scale augmented reality platform.
Customers, on Demand
Beat the holiday lull or mid-day slump with the help of sponsored locations - a simple, cost-effective solution for the everyday brick-and-mortar business. These location-relevant ads allow your team to see real results- at the supporting times you need them the most.
Boost Customer Loyalty
Drive brand awareness, repeat visits, and a positive affiliation by encouraging memorable experiences at your location. As 80% of our active players are supportive of in-game partnerships 2, you’re sure to connect with new customers and strengthen relationships with regular shoppers.
Share our Success
  • 84%
    Pokémon GO players have visited a business while playing the game. 51% for the first time. 1
  • 68%
    Play while running errands or hanging out. 1
  • 1 billion+
    app downloads.
  • 91%
    Players have visited a location because of Pokémon GO partnerships. 2
  • 98%
    Players learn about a location because it served as a PokéStop. 2
  • 73%
    Players change their regular walking route on a weekly basis to play Pokémon GO. 2
  • 74%
    Players plan routine and schedule around playing Pokémon GO. 2
See the Difference for Yourself
  1. 1, 2016. 9 Need-to-Know Facts on How Pokemon Go Players Engage with Businesses.
  2. 2 Frank N. Magid Associates, 2018.

* Please note: Niantic cannot guarantee the accuracy of third party surveys.