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What if augmented reality could make us better?
Could it nudge us off the couch for a Saturday in the park?
Could it draw us into public space?
And into contact with neighbors we might never have met?
We believe it can.
Mapping the world to the centimeter.
Together with our community, we’re taking on one of AR’s biggest challenges: creating a map that will let developers anchor digital content to the physical world.
Lightship Planet-scale AR at your fingertips We've opened up the platform that powers our best AR experiences so you can build yours. This version is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what you make.
Supports hundreds of millions of users
Works alongside Unity
Runs on billions of iOS and Android devices
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Our technology understands and maps the world to support AR experiences everyone can share.

Shared-state multiplayer
Realistic occlusion
Real-time meshing
Semantic segmentation
Using technology to draw people into the world, not isolate them from it
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We’d love to see your ideas.

Join our crew Help us build new AR experiences and the platform that powers them.
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The real-world metaverse requires as many perspectives as possible. Let’s build it together.