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Our Tech Accelerate what AR can do

We’re tackling two major technical undertakings:

We’re tackling two major technical undertakings:

Building a map that lets you anchor people and objects to the real world

Enabling shared experiences for 100M+ people with the Lightship Platform

Lightship Our platform. Your magic.

From understanding pixels to defining depth, the first version of Lightship gives you all the tools you need to create awe-inspiring AR experiences.

Semantic segmentation
Understanding Know your surroundings Building or tree? Grass or sky? Our semantic segmentation and occlusion APIs understand the environmental elements in a place by using deep learning-based computer vision technology to distinguish real-world objects in real time. That means your AR objects will behave in believable ways — without any coding on your part.
Depth perception
Mapping Set the scene Our depth and meshing technologies use computer vision to create a real-time map of the environment. You can then place virtual objects in the physical world right where they’re meant to be. Plus they’ll follow physics to bounce and roll accordingly.
Real-time meshing
Sharing Share the fun Playing outdoors together is at the heart of what we love at Niantic. Our multiplayer tools enable shared state and location, so people with different devices can interact with the same AR creations at the same time.
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