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Niantic Partnerships Power up your brand

We pioneered the first ever augmented reality game with Pokémon GO, redefining the mobile gaming experience by seamlessly bridging the real and virtual worlds.

Our solutions are designed to deliver exceptional engagement by effortlessly blending brands into the real world of our active player community. Engage with them directly as they experience your brand firsthand, establishing enduring relationships and priceless visibility across their world.

Augment your advertising Rewarded AR Ads Our new, in-game AR advertising format blends immersive branded experiences with the real world. Players are able to engage and interact with digital elements displayed in their physical environments to unlock exclusive in-game rewards and offers from your brand.
WebAR: Build immersive AR experiences directly in the browser. 8th Wall opens up new ways for brands and agencies to connect with people by engaging them in extraordinary, interactive experiences anywhere they are – all through the web browser, with no app needed.
AR drives brand impact Case studies

We’ve collaborated with hundreds of global brands to generate tangible, real-world outcomes. Explore how these brands achieved success through our advertising platform by delving into the strategies that contributed to their winning approach.

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Niantic is one of the leaders in augmented reality, building a robust ecosystem that delivers on the promise of AR. We’ve made it possible to bring your brand closer to audiences in the real-world through immersive and interactive AR experiences.

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