October 16, 2018
Community Fun and Cool Experiences Made MAG Erfurt Unforgettable!

Niantic’s first convention partnership in Europe was a full success! Nearly 10,000 visitors came to the MAG convention in Erfurt, Germany, which took place on October 5 through October 8. Those who visited our booth experienced a variety of activities, traded Pokémon with YouTube influencers and even caught a first glimpse of Ingress Prime!

Outside of the convention, more than 44,000 Pokémon GO Trainers visited Erfurt and its historic inner city throughout the weekend to catch Pokémon and enjoy our PokéStop walkway to and from the convention center. A combined total of over 1.6 Million Pokémon were caught in Erfurt throughout the event–especially Unown, which had a new form available for the first time in Europe! Thanks for sharing this awesome celebration of community, anime and gaming with us.

European YouTube influencer Sturmwaffel and the popular Twitch collective Pietsmiet hosted a special tour bus that took eager Trainers around the area to do Raid Battles throughout the weekend, challenging the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo among other powerful Pokémon. Plus, a few lucky Trainers even got the chance to trade Pokémon with the influencers, making for a one-of-a-kind souvenir for the trip.

There were also many highlights for devoted Ingress Agents! The city of Erfurt hosted a special Mission Weekend that Ingress Agents could complete together with Niantic Community Managers from across the globe. Hundreds of Agents explored the city of Erfurt throughout the weekend, hacking a total of 1247 Portals and making progress on their Mission Day Medal. In total our, Agents performed 133,730 hacks throughout the weekend, and participated in great cross-Faction fun. Great job, Agents!

The infamous P. A. Chapeau was also spotted by Niantic employees at MAG, and he even attempted contact at the Niantic booth. As a Truthseeker with information on the upcoming Recursion Prime events, he took the convention as an opportunity to learn more about a technology that we gave an early preview on-site: Ingress Prime. We want to take this opportunity to refute P.A. Chapeau’s claim that XM can be dangerous. No participant of MAG Erfurt was harmed by extended XM exposure, even throughout the Mission Days. Perhaps P.A. Chapeau is hiding something? Only time will tell...

Thanks again for coming to our booth at MAG Erfurt to talk to us about our games and the future of AR gaming! Meeting our Agents and Trainers in person always makes for an awesome, exciting experience for our team. See you again soon!

—The Niantic team

October 12, 2018
Partnering With Deutsche Telekom’s 5G Network and MobiledgeX Edge Servers to Create Advanced Augmented Reality Experiences

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Deutsche Telekom and MobiledgeX to create advanced augmented reality experiences over new mobile network technologies. Specifically, we’ll be bringing our proprietary Real World Augmented Reality Gaming Platform to Deutsche Telekom’s MobiledgeX Edge Servers and 5G network to create dramatically scalable end-user experiences.

What this means for players is hundreds of people grouping together with smooth player-to-player interaction in existing ways as well as new, innovative Augmented Reality experiences. We expect this partnership to jointly demonstrate the capability of this new network technology to enhance high-speed synchronous multiplayer AR interactions in a shared environment. This will open up new dimensions for shared experiences and introduce lower friction access networks for Niantic’s AR Cloud and other aspects of the Niantic Real World Platform.

Niantic’s Real World Platform bridges the physical and digital worlds with advanced functionalities including real-time massively multiplayer experiences (100 million players in a single shared world), persistent mapping and natural visual occlusion, through contextual computer vision. These advanced features will take full advantage of Deutsche Telekom’s ultra low latency network technology to provide seamless experiences, including the Edge infrastructure being built through decentralized cloudlets.

We’re grateful to DT and Alex Jin-Sung Choi, SVP of Research and Technology Innovation for his support.

We are integrating our Niantic Real World Platform with the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of MobiledgeX on Edge servers. The partnership will jointly demonstrate the capability of this new network technology to enhance high-speed synchronous multiplayer AR interactions in a shared environment. This will open up new dimensions for shared experiences and introduce lower friction access networks for our AR Cloud, part of the Niantic Real World Platform.

—Omar Tellez, VP of Growth

October 11, 2018
International Day of the Girl

Over the last eight years we’ve seen our technology come to life and positively impact millions of people around the world. These millions of people represent an amazing and diverse group, coming from every corner of the globe. Many of those people are women and girls. Today, on International Day of the Girl, we celebrate the girls and women around the world, and invite all of you to join us in committing to ensure that all girls have equal access to education and fair treatment.

At Niantic, we’ve built a strong team made up of people with different backgrounds and perspectives. The women’s group at Niantic, or the “Wolfpack” as it is internally referred to, boasts a strong group of women who represent every type of function we have at Niantic. The group focuses on mentoring other women and girls, encouraging each other to work hard, inviting other Niantic allies into the group, and committing ourselves to acts of service in our local communities. This group, with the support of the entire company, strives to create an environment where Niantic women can succeed and grow.

Through the Niantic Social Impact program, we have also been able to invest some of our time, energy, and money into supporting girls organizations and programs. Most recently, we’ve volunteered our time and raised donations for La Casa de las Madres, a San Francisco based non-profit organization that offers shelter, advocacy and support services to women, teens, and children exposed to and at risk of abuse and domestic violence. We’ve also signed up with the #BuiltByGirls movement and become mentors to young women seeking to identify careers in technology.


In addition, we continue to advance our presence and support of events and organizations that seek gender equality. These places include our annual presence at the Grace Hopper Celebration and our recent partnership with She Geeks Out, which will kick off via an event at our Niantic headquarters in San Francisco.

We also continue to discover ways in which we can further diversity and inclusion, and have participated in studies like the recent Rebooting Representation study, led by McKinsey & Company and Pivotal Ventures via Melinda Gates. This report does a phenomenal job of highlighting how technology companies have the opportunity to help meet gender equality through investment, engagement, and action-driven solutions.


Today we stand united with our colleagues, our players, and our communities as we support the girls and women of the world. We invite you to join us, by helping to ensure everyone has equal access to education and fair treatment.

—Yennie Solheim Fuller, Social Impact