November 14, 2018
Wizards, Prepare to Unite in 2019!

Get ready for some exciting and fun adventures ahead. We've been hard at work with our partners at WB Games and can’t wait to bring the magic of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, part of the Portkey Games label, to you in 2019.

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—The Niantic team

November 5, 2018
Welcome to Ingress Prime

Agents, we have greatly appreciated the outpour of enthusiasm for this new chapter of the Ingress story.

Ingress launched in 2012, and now, more than 20 million downloads later, Agents in more than 200+ countries have participated in more than 2,000 real-world events and visited more than 1.2 billion Portals. The pioneering technology found within Ingress has not only created an engaging foundational game that blended Augmented Reality and location-based gaming in a compelling way, but has also paved the way for other explosive hits such as Pokémon GO.

After listening to feedback and pushing back our launch as a result, we were able and will continue to address gameplay design and quality concerns from our playtest communities. We also implemented critical learnings gained from Pokémon GO and Ingress to publish an experience we are proud of. We’ve spent six years working to build upon the Ingress world, and we are excited to share how Ingress Prime has innovated upon the original’s massively multiplayer gameplay, narrative integration, and real-world experiences for both new and veteran Agents.

Alongside quality-of-life upgrades such as new quick-swipe menus, inventory management, one-finger map gestures, Facebook account-linking and improved anti-cheat and security features, new Agents will undergo a comprehensive onboarding system. The new interactive training program will be an introduction to the global game board, how to uncover Portals (disguised as landmarks of cultural significance in the real-world), basic gameplay mechanics, and the storyline. After completion, Agents will understand how to control Portals and acquire the powerful resource, Exotic Matter (XM). With these new skills, Agents will then face a choice to align with The Enlightened or The Resistance, two distinct factions with individual philosophies, and will capture and defend portals to control the area around them. Meanwhile, veteran Agents can now ‘Recurse,’ resetting Agent level and faction choice while retaining all badges and gaining a new badge to denote their status.

Agents will continue to play a pivotal role alongside two new faction-specific artificial intelligence programs in shaping the Ingress storyline. Agents can educate their AIs, and grow them into powerful forces that will impact the narrative storyline. The outcome of these key moments will be decided with fellow Agents during real-world events, called Anomalies. Anomalies take place in multiple locations around the world and aim to foster both collaboration and competition between the two factions.

All of these significant accomplishments and activities will be highlighted through a new interactive hub called ‘Ingress Investigate,’ and an in-fiction video series called the ‘Dunraven Project’. Expect more stories on Ingress to be revealed as the Ingress Anime series, produced in collaboration with Fuji TV, Craftar Studios, and Netflix will be released globally in 2019.

Welcome to the world of Ingress. Download Ingress Prime on the App Store for iPhone and on Google Play for Android devices.

—The Niantic team

November 1, 2018
Developer Insights: Encouraging Exploration with Adventure Sync


One of the key pillars of Niantic is the concept of encouraging exploration–motivating players to get outside, engage their communities, and experience the world around them. When players engage with the real world in this way, it has an amazing benefit: getting active. And this week, that mission can be extended to even more players with the launch of Adventure Sync in Pokémon GO.

When developing Adventure Sync, the main goal was to make a useful feature for the more casual player, and a quality-of-life improvement for the more dedicated player. Adventure Sync is optimized for everyday use, using minimal battery and providing useful notifications when in-game rewards are met.

Adventure Sync provides offline capabilities to all users–everyone will now have the ability to gain the benefits of walking with Pokémon GO whenever they are on the move. They can capitalize on the dead time that manifests when they forget to launch the app, earning credit for exploring the world and developing a solid motivation loop that requires nothing except a smartphone.

From a mechanics perspective, we wanted to set up different goals with unique rewards so Adventure Sync is always a positive influence, never annoying or guilting. Players will have the ability to earn rewards from different walking milestones, ranging from one that many casual players will find easy to achieve to a more challenging goal that will reward the most active players. Of course, the goals work in tandem with Field and Special Research tasks that prioritize incubating Eggs or collecting Candy, Trainers can feel like they’re making key progress every day.

In order to experience Adventure Sync, users will need to opt-in to the feature. Once you opt-in, you can review the permissions that link to Google Fit or Apple HealthKit, and select granularity of data to share.

Adventure Sync is an exciting part of the Niantic Real World Platform, and we look forward to incorporating more health and fitness activity into our current and future games.

We hope that Adventure Sync encourages Trainers to embrace exploration as a part of their daily routine, and keeps the magic of Pokémon GO top-of-mind, even when their phones are in their pockets.

—Paul Franceus, Senior Software Engineer