June 21, 2019
Your Wizarding Adventure Awaits!


Eight years ago we set out on an adventure to change the way that people view the world. We wanted to create a platform to support real world games. Games that encourage us to get outside, to explore the world, discover new places, make new friends, and get a little bit healthier along the way. We delivered on that vision with our first game, Ingress, which transformed the real world into a landscape for a global game of mystery and intrigue. Pokémon GO came next and we learned a lot about how to scale our platform to support hundreds of millions of players globally. Today, alongside our partners at WB Games, we are excited to bring you Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the latest title part of the Portkey Games label. Leveraging the full tech stack of the Niantic Real World Platform, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the next evolution of real world gaming, pushing the boundaries of mobile augmented reality (AR) to bridge the paper-thin line between the real world and wizarding world.

Starting today, fans of the Wizarding World will be able to officially download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from the App Store, Google Play or the Galaxy Apps Store. The game is available now in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and will continue to roll out globally.

Be sure to follow Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your thoughts and post your favorite AR photos on social using #WizardsUnite! Grab your wand, alert your friends and enlist in the Statute of Secrecy Task Force to start unraveling the mystery of the Calamity!

Wizards Unite!


June 19, 2019
Announcing the Niantic Beyond Reality Developer Contest Finalists!


Today we are announcing the top ten finalists of the Niantic Beyond Reality Developer Contest! When we first announced the contest, we envisioned what’s officially underway: giving contest finalists the opportunity to create their own augmented reality (AR) experiences leveraging the same technology powering Niantic products including Pokemon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Right now, the ten teams listed below are working hard to develop exciting new explorations of geospatial AR built on top of the Niantic Real World Platform. Their projects will be judged on the basis of compelling design, how well their entry encourages engagement with the real world to promote imagination and adventure, how well they utilize Niantic technology, and whether their entry distinguishes itself from existing AR titles.

We can’t wait to see what new experiences the Beyond Reality teams’ creativity will invite us to explore. Huge congratulations to all of them:

NBRDC Finalists
Dibs Studio; Toronto, Canada; Project: Wild SanctuARy
NBRDC Finalists
Escality; Los Angeles, USA; Project: CryptOS

NBRDC Finalists
HappyGiant; Conway, USA; Project: Cute vs. Chaos
NBRDC Finalists
Hitpoint Studios; Greenfield, USA; Project: The Gettysburg Battlefield

NBRDC Finalists
JCSoft Inc.; Cupertino, USA; Project: Run to My Heart
NBRDC Finalists
Land Lubber Games; Honolulu, USA; Project: Flint and Steam

NBRDC Finalists
MechaChicken; Los Angeles, USA; Project: Bio-Squad K
NBRDC Finalists
Ninth Wonder; Vancouver, Canada; Project: Novagarde

NBRDC Finalists
Team ExplorAR; New York and Texas, USA; Project: ExplorAR
NBRDC Finalists
Team Triheart; Singapore; Project: Kymera

Stay tuned for the release of the contest results this Fall. Until then, keep up to date on all things Niantic Real World Platform by following us at

-The Niantic team

June 18, 2019
Welcoming Sensible Object to Niantic: Expanding Breadth and Depth of Gaming Experiences

Today, we are announcing the acquisition of London-based company Sensible Object, and welcoming this experienced team of artists and engineers to Niantic.


Founded in 2014, Sensible Object has been developing games that combine physical and digital play to create uniquely differentiated gaming experiences. Sensible Object builds on the work of founder Alex Fleetwood and team with Hide&Seek, a studio designing outdoor social games and playful experiences.

Sensible Object will offer support for its existing slate of titles during a transition period at the end of which the team will focus its efforts on building all new real-world AR experiences with Niantic as the core of Niantic London.

We’re excited about Sensible Object joining Niantic as it significantly advances our efforts in developing a wide range of gaming experiences that bring the physical and digital world closer together. The team’s deep roots in large-scale outdoor activations in particular is very complementary to the many Niantic real world events we host around the world to engage with our loyal players.