August 2, 2021
Dan Morris Joins Niantic from Oculus to Lead Developer Relations

We have some great news to share today: Dan Morris has joined Niantic as our new director of developer relations. As we move toward the public release of our Lightship ARDK, we are thrilled to have a respected, 20-year industry veteran leading the charge to expand our developer community – and gather developer input to shape Lightship's future.

Dan joins us from the Oculus team at Facebook Reality Labs, where he spent six years working closely with XR developers to make Oculus a successful platform for developers of all kinds. His previous experiences include partnerships and strategy roles at DeNA/Ngmoco and Electronic Arts. "There's no other job in the world that I would have left for but this one," Dan says. "Niantic's technology unlocks something magical and uniquely exciting – an ability for people to enjoy AR experiences together, out in the real world, on whichever devices they're carrying. Pokémon GO players are already living this, and the Lightship ARDK will enable third-party developers to build their own creations on top of our foundation.”

Dan is hitting the ground running, and already reviewing the developer projects and working on the pipeline of applications for the Lightship ARDK private beta. "I’m excited by the early interest developers around the world have expressed in working with us, and I look forward to identifying developers with compelling proposals and prototypes so that we can help them get to work building their dream applications ahead of general availability for the Lightship ARDK."

Dan's message to developers is simple: If you haven't yet signed up for the ARDK private beta at, you should. "This is a planet-sized opportunity for thousands of developers, given the size of the global smartphone installed base. Apps built with Lightship are going to change the world, and I'm really eager to get developers underway on their journey."

There's more to come from Lightship this year, and as we continue to refine the AR tools for public release. Early developers have the unique chance to shape the ARDK's future – and the broader destiny of AR as a massive platform. So we want to hear from you. We're excited to see what we can create together!

– The Niantic Lightship team

July 23, 2021
Legendary Night

When a 50-foot-tall egg appears in the middle of your city, it's a pretty safe bet that you're going to discover a spectacle – and that's exactly what was waiting for Pokémon GO fans last weekend at Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago!

Chicago was the birthplace of Pokémon GO Fest four years ago this week. To celebrate, we wanted to do something extra special for Trainers in the Windy City. And so, we hatched a plan for a special egg in Maggie Daley Park where we hosted the most epic and immersive Raid battles ever brought to life.

The egg was noticeable enough to attract the attention of local news media: measuring 50 percent higher than the famous mirrored Cloud Gate (Bean) in Millennium Park next door, and proved to be a fun spectacle, even by the high standards of Chicago’s world-class architecture and outdoor art installations.

On day one of Pokémon GO Fest, Trainers had the opportunity to pick between Rock or Pop Star Pikachu and complete the Melody Pokémon Special Research to access a newly released Mythical Pokémon, Meloetta. Hourly habitat rotations provided access to jungles, desert mountains, ocean beaches, and caves so Trainers could catch lots of different Pokémon and participate in Pokémon GO Fest 2021 Collection Challenges.

At the end of day one, Trainers were welcomed to the egg at Maggie Daley Park to take part in Legendary Night. With the sun setting on the horizon, the egg became an in-game gym as Trainers unwound after a long day of exploring, catching, battling and trading. As Trainers battled for the gym, the giant egg changed colors based on which team had control over the gym: Yellow for Team Instinct, Blue for Team Mystic, or Red for Team Valor (the best team; I’m not biased or anything!).

As evening approached, three-dimensional projections on the eggshell’s surface brought fan-favorite Pokémon to life at a grand scale, as well as introduced both new and rare characters to Trainers in attendance. At the same time, the legendary Pokémon were available for Trainers to Raid in-game at that exact location. Trainers invited remote raiders from all over the world to participate, just in time for day two of Pokémon GO Fest weekend which had already begun for Trainers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Day two of Pokémon GO Fest offered a special chance for attendees to raid and catch some of the rarest and most unique Pokémon. This day celebrating raids was all about making every Legendary available to attendees. Trainers joined together to catch them all, and even made new friends as they battled together.

Everyone at Niantic has been excited to carefully reconnect our Trainers to both the great outdoors and one another after the last year, so getting together in a large, open space for such an amazing event was particularly meaningful for us -- and hopefully for everyone who attended, too. When we released Pokémon GO five years ago, our goal was to bring Pokémon and people together in the real world. This event was a prime example of what we love to do: having fun while also keeping our players safe. Being able to see so many of our fans, friends, and families back at our city activations during Pokémon GO Fest weekend was truly wonderful.

Legendary Night was a unique opportunity for us to not only celebrate in the city where the first Pokémon GO Fest was held, but also push the boundaries for what Niantic and Pokémon GO can achieve with augmented reality activations. We’re all looking forward to a future filled with more real life experiences like this one. Thank you all for making this Legendary Night unforgettable.

–Veronica Saron

July 12, 2021
Niantic Supply: Gearing up Explorers for Adventures Outdoors
  • Niantic Supply is designed to create unique products and gear for a diverse, multi-generational audience of Explorers

  • Exclusive Niantic Supply products are available for preorder today, with the full collection and official store launch set for Friday, July 30th

  • Niantic Supply is offering new and improved international shipping to 40 countries with updated pricing

  • The core evergreen collection includes unique items designed to complement gameplay and encourage Explorers to get outside

  • Limited edition items and collaborations will be available periodically

We are launching Niantic Supply, a global brand that empowers Explorers to stand out in a crowd while fitting into our collective AR world together.

At Niantic, we support a global AR community with games that allow Explorers to get out and see the world in a brand new way. Niantic Supply will equip them on their adventures outdoors and offer unique items that will unlock new experiences.

Creative Inspiration

The inspiration behind Niantic Supply is to create a home for Explorers from all over the world to find products and gear that fit their everyday life.

The goal of Niantic and all of our games is to reach (and positively impact) as many people as possible. We applied this same approach in creating Niantic Supply, by ensuring that our design inspirations came from all over the globe because we see our diversity as our strength.

For the core collection, we leaned into a mindset that resonates across a multi-generational and diverse AR community. We tried to use relatable expressions, familiar language, and simple yet sophisticated designs. And, when it came to discussing and implementing production, illustration, and any other design features, we made sure to use voices and talents from all over the world.


Our core collection of items is connected through three distinct patterns. These patterns were created by South African artist Arnelle Woker, known for her playful, colorful, and textured work that perfectly aligns with outdoor exploration. Each pattern was created to represent the way the Explorer community interacts with gameplay in the real world.

The first pattern is topographic in style, indicative of users’ exploration styles when gaming with Niantic, whether on the screen or underfoot.

Topographic Pattern
Topographic Pattern

Explorers are experts in their own language, one of swiping and patterns used to further their progress in game. This pattern is inspired by the actual swiping motions used while playing.

Swipes Pattern
Swipes Pattern

This third pattern is a playful interpretation of the outdoors waiting to be explored, packed with lots of texture and detail.

Explore Pattern
Explore Pattern


Niantic Supply is launching as a brand new store. Our new mobile-friendly website design will help Explorers conveniently shop while on the go. Explorers now have the ability to view select products in AR, so they can interact with our gear to see how it looks in the real world. We are also encouraging Explorers to share their ‘fits. When Explorers use #NianticSupply on their Instagram posts they will be in the running to have their image featured on the site. Finally, a brand new loyalty program will be featured letting explorers earn personalized gear and limited-edition gear.

More Experiences in the Future

The future of Niantic Supply will be full of limited-run collaborations, capsule collections, and unique partnerships. We look forward to bringing you more unique items and experiences through Niantic Supply.

Check out Niantic Supply regularly and subscribe to stay up to date with our offerings

—The Niantic Supply team