Welcoming Gilman Louie, David Jones, Fuji TV, Cyan & Scott Banister, and Lucas Nealan to the Niantic Family

February 25, 2016

We’ve never thought of ourselves as a typical gaming company at Niantic. We’ve always followed our own path as we have worked to integrate real world exploration, social interaction and gameplay in our quest to improve the world through our products. I’m pleased to announce that a set of partners have signed up to help us in this mission. All are making an investment but more importantly each one brings a unique strategic attribute to our team

Alsop Louie will be bringing its expertise in gaming and related technologies and Gilman Louie will be joining the board. Gilman brings personal experience ranging from founding game industry pioneer Spectrum Holobyte to investing in Keyhole and later in Twitch. David Jones and his new venture ‘You and Mr Jones’ will be bringing an unparalleled knowledge of the new brand technology industry. David was previously the CEO of Havas where he worked closely with some of the leading brand advertisers in the world. Fuji Television, as one of the largest broadcast networks in Japan, will be bringing its experience building media brands in Asia. Cyan and Scott Banister and Lucas Nealan will be bringing their deep network of technology industry connections. Cyan and Scott Banister were just named “Angel Investors of the Year’ in the 2016 Crunchies and Lucas Nealan was an early Facebook engineer.

Exciting times are afoot at Niantic.