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July 12, 2021
Niantic Supply: Gearing up Explorers for Adventures Outdoors
  • Niantic Supply is designed to create unique products and gear for a diverse, multi-generational audience of Explorers

  • Exclusive Niantic Supply products are available for preorder today, with the full collection and official store launch set for Friday, July 30th

  • Niantic Supply is offering new and improved international shipping to 40 countries with updated pricing

  • The core evergreen collection includes unique items designed to complement gameplay and encourage Explorers to get outside

  • Limited edition items and collaborations will be available periodically

We are launching Niantic Supply, a global brand that empowers Explorers to stand out in a crowd while fitting into our collective AR world together.

At Niantic, we support a global AR community with games that allow Explorers to get out and see the world in a brand new way. Niantic Supply will equip them on their adventures outdoors and offer unique items that will unlock new experiences.

Creative Inspiration

The inspiration behind Niantic Supply is to create a home for Explorers from all over the world to find products and gear that fit their everyday life.

The goal of Niantic and all of our games is to reach (and positively impact) as many people as possible. We applied this same approach in creating Niantic Supply, by ensuring that our design inspirations came from all over the globe because we see our diversity as our strength.

For the core collection, we leaned into a mindset that resonates across a multi-generational and diverse AR community. We tried to use relatable expressions, familiar language, and simple yet sophisticated designs. And, when it came to discussing and implementing production, illustration, and any other design features, we made sure to use voices and talents from all over the world.


Our core collection of items is connected through three distinct patterns. These patterns were created by South African artist Arnelle Woker, known for her playful, colorful, and textured work that perfectly aligns with outdoor exploration. Each pattern was created to represent the way the Explorer community interacts with gameplay in the real world.

The first pattern is topographic in style, indicative of users’ exploration styles when gaming with Niantic, whether on the screen or underfoot.

Topographic Pattern
Topographic Pattern

Explorers are experts in their own language, one of swiping and patterns used to further their progress in game. This pattern is inspired by the actual swiping motions used while playing.

Swipes Pattern
Swipes Pattern

This third pattern is a playful interpretation of the outdoors waiting to be explored, packed with lots of texture and detail.

Explore Pattern
Explore Pattern


Niantic Supply is launching as a brand new store. Our new mobile-friendly website design will help Explorers conveniently shop while on the go. Explorers now have the ability to view select products in AR, so they can interact with our gear to see how it looks in the real world. We are also encouraging Explorers to share their ‘fits. When Explorers use #NianticSupply on their Instagram posts they will be in the running to have their image featured on the site. Finally, a brand new loyalty program will be featured letting explorers earn personalized gear and limited-edition gear.

More Experiences in the Future

The future of Niantic Supply will be full of limited-run collaborations, capsule collections, and unique partnerships. We look forward to bringing you more unique items and experiences through Niantic Supply.

Check out Niantic Supply regularly and subscribe to stay up to date with our offerings

—The Niantic Supply team

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