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October 10, 2019
Introducing Niantic Wayfarer

We’re happy to announce the upcoming rollout of our new tool: Niantic Wayfarer. With Niantic Wayfarer, you can help shape future adventures for users of Niantic products by reviewing interesting places to play our games across the globe.

Wayfarer has its origins in Operation Portal Recon, which was originally built to enable Ingress Agents to nominate and review Portals and enrich their gameplay experiences. With Niantic Wayfarer, eligible players will be able to review nominations of local points-of-interest (museums, art installations, historical markers, etc.) so they can be added to Niantic products (e.g. Portals, PokéStops and Gyms). We value your perspective in helping us make our game experiences more meaningful!

We’ll be rolling this out to eligible Pokémon GO players before the new year, stay tuned for updates.

To learn more about Niantic Wayfarer, visit

-The Niantic team

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