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Diversity & Inclusion Connecting to the mission.

Our mission is to make our experiences diverse and inclusive of all - starting with our teams.

Our mission is to explore the world, together. Together means all of us.

From the perspective of DEIB the word together in our mission is particularly important. At Niantic, we understand the need to include everyone. When you attend our events, you will see people of all ages, abilities, personalities, origins, economic backgrounds, religions, genders and ethnicities playing our games.
We create our games that are loved by millions of people across the globe, we want those who play them to see themselves reflected and valued. As we build the real-world Metaverse we want to ensure the diverse perspectives of the world are reflected, and that our products reach (and positively impact) as many humans on the planet as possible.

Our leaders are committed to building and empowering Niantics to bring their authentic selves to work. We are partnering with organizations that engage, include, invest in, and empower the communities where we live, work and play. Niantic celebrates openness and values constructive dialogue among our teams and people to foster a culture that thrives on curiosity, and encourages creativity and innovation. We are at our best when we respect, learn, and empower each other.

Honors and Awards
2021 Gay Gaming Professionals (GGP) Honors Niantic is proud to be recognized by GGP for making significant efforts to promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging across the gaming industry.
Employee Resource Groups

ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that unite around a common affinity, experience, and/or interests to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. Adventuring together means all of us!

Black at Niantic
Guardians (of the Galaxy)
Sponsored D&I events

Join our diversity and inclusion events

Join our Voyager Program

Niantic recently launched Voyager, a new apprenticeship program. In partnership with Tech Elevator, an intensive educational provider helping individuals gain in-demand technology skills for the modern workforce, Niantic is providing opportunities for underrepresented individuals interested in careers in software engineering.

Selected learners will receive a living stipend and learn to code tuition-free through the 14-week coding boot camp. The top-performing individuals will then enroll in a six-month apprenticeship at Niantic with possible conversion to full-time employment with Niantic’s Engineering department. The first cohort started at the end of October 2022.

Niantic Beyond Reality Black Developers Initiative Niantic’s Black Developers Initiative is a program established to support, mentor and finance Black game development teams for the purpose of building real-world AR games. Our intention is to empower Black game/AR developers and provide access, resources and support so they can build amazing game experiences that inspire people to explore the world together.
Come build with us
The real-world metaverse requires as many 
perspectives as possible. Let’s build it together.