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Sponsored Locations for Business
Drive foot traffic to your business through gameplay

By becoming a Sponsored Location, you access a broad audience of players. Players see your business on the game map and get fun gameplay and rewards for visiting your business.

This program is currently in Early Access Beta, and is available to Small and Medium-sized businesses in the United States.* Due to COVID-19, we are currently pausing entry to the program, but we are still accepting applications and reviewing them on a rolling basis.

Please check back for additional updates. We look forward to reviewing your application and welcoming new businesses!

*The Sponsored Locations Program is currently available for businesses located in the U.S. with planned expansions to additional countries occurring at dates to be determined.

With 1+ billion downloads globally, we attract diverse players [1]
  • 33
    Median Age
  • 43%
    25 - 44 year olds
  • 41%
  • 71%
    Households w/ Kids
What You Get
Feature your business as an in-game Sponsored Location
Drive location awareness and foot traffic through in-game locations that make it more fun to visit your business.

Share promotions in-game
Upload special offers, feature new products, and link to your website from within your Sponsored Location - like a virtual billboard.

Schedule mini-games*
Schedule increased game activity at your location at specific times, when you want more players to visit. No physical event setup required.

See aggregated metrics on how players engaged with your in-game location. As our players' privacy is important to us, we only share aggregated metrics, we don't provide access to individual player information.

*Premium plan only

How It Works
Easy Setup
1. Apply to the Early Access Beta
Apply in minutes. If you are accepted, you will be notified when the program is live to complete the setup of your Sponsored Location.*

2. Setup your location to appear in-game
Once approved, set up your location in Pokémon GO (and more games to come in the future!). Players will see and visit your Sponsored Location while playing in the real world.

3. Optimize your results
Optimize your promotions to drive more transactions, and schedule extra traffic at desired times–spend as much or as little effort as you’d like!

*Please refer to eligibility requirements.

Standard Subscription [2]
~$1 / day
billed $30 USD/monthly
  • 1 standard in-game location (e.g. PokéStop)
  • Change your location image, description and promotion once per month
Premium Subscription [2]
~$2 / day
billed $60 USD/monthly
  • 1 premium in-game location (e.g. Gym)
  • 1 hour of traffic-driving special mini-game per month, at your desired time (e.g. Scheduled Raid Battle)
  • Change your location image, description and promotion twice per month
Frequently Asked Questions
  • + - How is the Niantic Sponsored Location Early Access Beta different from the Niantic Local Business Recovery Initiative?
    The Niantic Local Business Recovery program is Niantic’s way of giving back to the community by inviting players to nominate their favorite small and local businesses to take part in the Sponsored Location program free of charge for a year. The requirements for this complimentary, nomination-based initiative are different from the paid Sponsored Location program. Further information on the Local Business Recovery can be found here.
  • + - Who can apply for the Niantic Sponsored Location Early Access Beta?
    Generally, businesses with physical locations in the United States that receive in-store in-person visits may apply. Up to 30 locations per business entity. In addition, Sponsored Locations must meet our policy and guidelines. If you do not meet these criteria but are interested, contact us.
  • + - Can a business have multiple Niantic Sponsored Locations?
    Currently, a business can have one Niantic Sponsored Location for each physical location the business operates, up to 30 locations (each additional location incurs subscription fees). For businesses with more locations, please contact us.
  • + - What is the difference between a “standard location” and a “premium location”?
    A premium location attempts to attract more attention by being more visually and mechanically important to a player than a standard location. Specific mechanics differ on a per game basis. In the case of Pokémon GO, a standard location is a PokéStop and a premium location is a Gym.
  • + - What is a promotion?
    A promotion allows businesses to feature special promotions, new products, or seasonal content in addition to the main in-game location description and image–think of it as an extra virtual billboard space on your in-game location! Depending on the plan tier, businesses can change their promo campaign up to once or twice within a calendar month.
  • + - Who will be able to see and interact with my Sponsored Location?
    Currently, players of Niantic games who are within roughly 0.3 miles (~500 meters) of your business’ physical location are able to view your in-game location. This will differ based on the game mechanics and game map. However, only players within 40-50 meters of the Sponsored Location are able to obtain game experiences and rewards from it, and would count as an engaged visit in game.
  • + - In what Niantic products can I get Sponsored Locations for Small and Medium sized businesses?
    The Early Access Beta will offer Pokémon GO locations only. We will be adding more games on Niantic Lightship (such as Ingress, etc.) onto the program in the future.
  • + - What if I have more questions?
    For press inquiries, please reach out to For questions or issues relating to the sign-up process, please refer to this page. For general business inquiries relating to sponsorship, please contact us.
  1. 1 All demographics are based on US player demographics in 2018, collected via surveys by Frank N. Magid Associates. Niantic cannot guarantee the accuracy of third party surveys.
  2. 2 Pricing for the U.S. only, as the Sponsored Locations Program is currently exclusively available in the U.S. only. Sponsored Locations Program availability, pricing, and associated offerings in other countries are to be determined.