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August 26, 2021
Niantic Announces Winner of the Lightship AR Demo Challenge!
Shared Experiences. Exploration. Movement.

In July, we challenged our Early Explorer developers to build an augmented reality app using the Lightship ARDK. And they delivered!

We received entries from across the globe that captured the vision of the Lightship platform, and demonstrated a variety of shared experiences, exploration, and movement.

We were blown away by the creativity - even more so because these were created in a mere four weeks.

One demo rose to the top, and we are pleased to announce the grand prize winner - Patrick Catanzariti, who created GeoGlitched. Patrick will receive the $10k grand prize (plus cool Lightship bragging swag).

GeoGlitched pulls items and geographic information from another location in the world to where the player is located. Players need to solve where in the world these items are from so that they can send them back.

GeoGlitched captures the planet-scale possibilities of AR enabled by Lightship. Even in its current prototype stage, it points the way toward a multiplayer game in which players connect across the globe in a community that has fun as they learn more about the world.

Congratulations, Patrick!

We also had monetary and swag prizes for runners-up. We want to highlight a few other demos that stood out for their innovation. Each of these take advantage of our ARDK in compelling ways through meshing challenges, multiplayer competitions, and fun semantic segmentation ideas – including leaving notes in the sky!

We plan to do more challenges like this with multiple prizes as we continue to bring Lightship to our developer community, so stay tuned for the next one!


Dan Morris + the Lightship Platform team

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