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June 30, 2017
Fostering Community Engagement with Augmented Reality
Blog > Fostering Community Engagement with Augmented Reality
June 30, 2017
Fostering Community Engagement with Augmented Reality

At the core of Niantic is the mission to use technology to encourage people to go outside and engage with their communities. Our games are designed to inspire movement, face-to-face social interactions, and exploration of public spaces. We’ve been hosting community events since the very beginning, starting with Field Trip Days and Ingress Anomalies, and have expanded that to host a variety of Ingress and Pokémon GO events, including Ingress Mission Days and the upcoming Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago. We recently launched Operation Clear Field in conjunction with our partners at GoRuck which will donate all registration fees to the National Park Foundation.

We are formalizing our community partnership initiative and under the Niantic Community Events umbrella which will focus on engaging with like-minded public and private organizations, such as The Knight Foundation and Big Heritage, who strive to positively impact local communities through the innovative use of technology. Niantic Community Events will focus on creating and managing partnerships with civic organizations who share our enthusiasm for using emerging mobile and AR technology to grow healthier, more engaged and more active cities. We seek to collaboratively highlight local historical sites, public libraries, parks and zoos, community centers, public art, street fairs and celebrations and other public spaces and activities that tie our communities together.

Here’s a list of the upcoming events, with more to come:

Ingress Mission Days - ONGOING, Worldwide
Ingress Operation Clear Field - 6/3–8/27/17, United States
Free Library of Philadelphia - Fall 2017, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States)
Big Heritage “Chester Heritage Festival” - 7/22—7/23/17, Chester, United Kingdom
Akron Open Streets Event - 8/26—8/27/17, Akron, Ohio (United States)
Viva CalleSJ Open Streets Event - 9/17/17, San Jose, California (United States)
Emerson College & City of Boston - September 2017, Boston, Massachusetts (United States)
Philly Free Streets - 9/30/17, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States)

We’re continuing to grow our community relationships and welcome community-based organizations and city governments to reach out to us if you’re interested in partnering with us. You can reach us at

—The Niantic team

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