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December 1, 2021
Welcome Lowkey to Niantic

I’m excited to announce we’re acquiring Lowkey, a social gaming platform that offers gamers a fun and easy way to capture and share their favorite gameplay moments. Their leadership in this space will accelerate the social experiences we’re building in our Niantic products. We share a common vision for building community around shared experiences, and enabling new ways to connect and play for our explorers.

We believe AR has the potential to impact humanity in transformative ways, and it is our intention to continue building social tools that contribute to this goal. Today, that takes the form of experiences like in-game chat in Ingress, gift exchanges in Pokémon GO, Postcard sharing in Pikmin Bloom, and meeting up at our many real-world live events. Our long-term vision is to create even deeper connections across Niantic games and continue bringing people together in the physical world.

We look forward to bringing the Lowkey team onboard to build the future of Niantic social experiences, and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

- Ivan Zhou

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