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February 8, 2024
Niantic Joins Overture Maps Foundation * Niantic will participate in the Data Working Group and contribute geolocation data
* Overture’s open source map data will augment the dynamic Niantic Map used to power Niantic’s games and developer platform

2024 promises to be a huge year for advancements in spatial computing, and that includes our work in building the next generation of the Niantic Map.

To facilitate this development, Niantic has joined the Overture Maps Foundation (Overture) as a Contributor member. We are excited to be a part of this open source mapping project to ensure that the future of spatial computing benefits from a dynamic set of open map data, and to help a new industry grow on top of a vibrant map that developers and enterprises can rely on to build their geolocation apps and services.

As the leader in real-world mobile gaming, we’ve amassed a robust set of geodata. Leveraging Overture’s open database of more than 59 million points of interest (POIs) will enhance the Niantic Map and the Lightship VPS service that our developers use to build their own location-based AR experiences.

This is going to be a breakthrough year for spatial computing and Niantic is leading the way in building the richest 3D map where AR content seamlessly blends with the physical world. We’ll share much more throughout the year about Lightship VPS, the Niantic Map, and our work with the Overture Maps Foundation.

Tory Smith, Group Product Manager for Lightship VPS and the Niantic Map

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