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November 9, 2023
Pokémon GO Fest 2023 delivers more than $300 million in economic impact globally

At Niantic, we strive to encourage people to explore the world together. Our live events bring people together in person to experience our games and explore new cities, with our most popular event series being Pokémon GO Fest.

This past August, we held three Pokémon GO Fest live events on three different continents, helping hundreds of thousands of Pokémon Trainers come together for a weekend of fun while generating an incredible amount of positive economic activity in local communities.

More Than Just a Game

Across New York, London and Osaka, Pokémon GO Fest generated a combined $323 million for local economies, inclusive of $73.8 million in tax revenues, according to a report conducted by Statista commissioned by Niantic. What’s even more exciting is that these figures translate into actual experiences. It means over 194,000 people, from different walks of life connected in person for a weekend packed with Pokémon GO adventures.

In comparison, the 2023 UEFA Champions League final was projected to bring an economic boost of approximately $80 million to the host city of Istanbul, Eurovision boosted the Liverpool regional economy by $66.2 million in 2023, and Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour shows in Kansas City this year generated $48m to the local economy.

Pokémon GO Fest New York City

Randall’s Island Park in New York City became a vibrant hub during the weekend of August 18, witnessing an influx of Pokémon GO Trainers. With an economic boost of $140.1 million and $28.1 million in tax revenue, Pokémon GO Fest had a tangible impact on local businesses and the New York city economy.

“New York City is the world’s stage when it comes to live events. The Niantic team proved to be great partners in our efforts to bring the Pokémon GO Fest to the five boroughs this past summer, and the results of the economic impact study speak for themselves,” said Fred Dixon, President and CEO of New York City Tourism + Conventions. “The event created an opportunity to showcase the City to players and fans from around the world, 21% of whom were first-time visitors. We look forward to welcoming them back to NYC again in the future.”

“Randall’s Island Park Alliance was thrilled to have Pokémon GO make its inaugural appearance at our park this summer,” said Deborah Maher, President, Randall’s Island Park Alliance. “The overwhelming engagement and excitement of the attendees was wonderful to witness. We are grateful to the community and fans that made Pokémon GO Fest 2023 a success and hope to welcome them back in the future.”

Here’s a snapshot of NYC’s event:

  • Economic Boost: $140.1M with a tax revenue generation of $28.1M.

  • Attendance: 74,000 tickets sold, with 58% of attendees aged between 27-44 years.

  • Spending Trends: An average spend of $783 by each visitor.

  • First-time NYC Visitors: 21% of attendees got to experience the appeal of New York City for the first time.

A Fun Dive into the Numbers

  • 35 million Pokémon were caught during the Pokémon GO Fest New York

  • Attendees walked an average of 18.6 miles while capturing Pokémon and making connections with other Trainers

Pokémon GO Fest London

Held in August at Brockwell Park, the London event yielded an economic impact of £46 million ($55.9 million), with £22 million ($26.8 million) generated in tax revenue. The event saw more than 50,000 people travel to and play at the main venue, as well as throughout the city. Most (62%) attendees traveled from outside the UK to take part in the event, contributing even more to the local economy.

Here’s a snapshot of the London event:

  • Economic Impact: £46M with a tax revenue generation of £22M.

  • Attendance: 62% of visitors traveled from outside the UK, and 60% of attendees were between 25-44 years old.

  • Spending Trends: Each visitor spent an average of £430 ($522).

  • Destination London: 49% of attendees would visit London again in the next 12 months.

A Fun Dive into the Numbers

  • 34 million Pokémon were caught during Pokémon GO Fest London

  • Trainers attending Pokémon GO Fest London walked on average 41 kilometers while enjoying the event

Tracy Halliwell, Director of Tourism, Conventions & Major Events at London & Partners, said:

“The openness and curiosity of Londoners made Pokémon GO Fest a big hit in our city. London’s diverse community, great choice of venues, and excellent transportation make it a perfect place for events to thrive. We’re excited about future Pokémon GO Fests and are committed to working with partners like Niantic to bring more fun events to London.”

Pokémon GO Fest Osaka

Taking place in the same weekend in August as the London event, Osaka’s GO Fest yielded an economic impact of ¥5.409BN ($38M) and generated ¥1.649BN ($11.6M) in tax revenue for the Japanese city. Over 60,000 Trainers attended the three-day festival at Expo ‘70 Commemorative Park and in the Suita and Osaka urban areas.

Here’s a snapshot of Osaka’s event:

  • Economic Impact: ¥5.4B with a tax revenue generation of ¥1.6BN.

  • Attendance: 78% of those who attended the event came from other parts of Japan, while 2% of participants came from abroad (primarily the U.S.).

  • Spending Trends: The average visitor spent during the Osaka event was ¥47,755 ($335).

  • Here For The Shopping: Osaka attendees spent ¥1.66BN ($11.7M) on shopping.

A Fun Dive into the Numbers

  • 21 million Pokémon were collectively caught by Trainers during Pokémon GO Fest Osaka

  • Attendees walked an average of 27 kilometers while exploring the Expo ‘70 Park and Osaka’s urban areas

The magic of Niantic’s games, especially Pokémon GO, lies in the fact that they’re not confined to screens. They spill over into real-life adventures, global friendships, and tangible economic benefits. We’re humbled and thrilled to see Pokémon GO Fest have such an impact, both in terms of economic activity and connections made by Trainers.

If you’d like to read the full economic impact reports for each Pokémon GO Fest event from Statista, you can download them here:

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