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January 31, 2024
Niantic and Reality Crisis to Co-Publish and Collaborate on “Rodney Mullen’s SKATRIX” an AR skateboarding game Franchise for Mobile Devices and Mixed Reality Headsets * Collaboration includes all SKATRIX titles for mobile devices (iOS and Android) and for mixed reality headsets including Apple Vision Pro
* Reality Crisis will use Niantic’s Lightship platform including Lightship Visual Positioning System (VPS) for mobile devices and supported headsets
* Reality Crisis and Niantic will Co-Publish and Co-Market the SKATRIX franchise over the next seven years

Niantic and developer Reality Crisis have signed a Co-Publishing agreement to bring “Rodney Mullen’s SKATRIX” to iOS and Android and supported mixed reality and spatial computing headsets for the next seven years. Reality Crisis will use Niantic’s Lightship tools and services including VPS (Visual Positioning System) and Shared AR alongside Lightship’s meshing, the Lightship Maps SDK, and semantic segmentation to deliver the ultimate AR skateboarding experience. The companies will collaborate on development, marketing and distribution of the titles in the franchise, and while timing and details about each title will be shared in upcoming announcements, multiple SKATRIX SKUs are expected to ship in 2024.

“The team at Reality Crisis has an exciting and ambitious plan for the development of the SKATRIX franchise and they have proven to be highly creative at using a variety of Lightship features to bring skateboarding to spatial computing,” said Kjell Bronder, VP of product at Niantic. “Niantic is proud to work with Reality Crisis to demonstrate the real-world augmented reality fun made possible with Lightship, and with SKATRIX that means AR skateparks all across the real world virtually unlocking any skate trick which can be shared with others across mobile devices and mixed reality headsets.”

“Collaborating with Niantic to turn the world into an endless skatepark is not just exciting, it’s transformative,” said Kasimir Lehto, co-founder and game director at Reality Crisis. “Together we’re enabling a skater’s mindset in everyone, making every place a space for creativity and adventure. We try to get players to look beyond a screen and out to the real world, seeing the games as extensions of the sports themselves, enhancing real-world skills, creativity, and social interaction.”

Rodney Mullen’s SKATRIX
Inspired by the inventor of legendary skateboard tricks like the “Ollie,” “Kickflip,” and “Impossible,” the team at Reality Crisis is building the first Augmented Reality skateboard game. In SKATRIX players take to the streets, navigating a map to explore and collect skatepark elements. Players can skate real world features with hyper accurate AR precision and realistic physics, or craft the skatepark of their dreams to pull off the perfect run.

Building AR and Geolocation Apps and Experiences with Lightship
Lightship is the platform that powers all Niantic games, and we offer external developers access to the best in AR and location-based development tools and services to build real-world apps and experiences. Lightship leverages the state-of-the-art ARDK, providing a comprehensive suite of tools that brings augmented reality to life. Whether venturing into gaming, navigation, or creating interactive educational experiences, Lightship equips developers with the tools to transform their vision into reality and embark on a journey of innovation. Discover the limitless possibilities that await as developers harness the power of Lightship, where innovation meets reality, and creativity knows no bounds.

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