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November 7, 2022
Niantic joins the Tech Coalition

Niantic was created to bring joy and connection to real-world gameplay. Since the beginning, we’ve worked to build products that inspire movement, exploration, and face-to-face social interaction in a way that fosters fun and safe communities and experiences.

We continuously invest in the expertise, technologies, processes and partnerships that ensure we can keep our community safe as we explore.

Last June, we shared our commitment and efforts to combat child sexual abuse and exploitation online. We adopted cutting-edge technology, such as Safer, developed by Thorn, we joined the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) in their battle against online child sexual abuse imagery, and engaged with key partners such as NCMEC.

These initiatives have enabled us to implement technology to detect, review and report Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), to work towards surfacing potential grooming for our trained specialists to review, and to build relationships with key partners sharing our goals to protect kids and teens online. We also strongly believe in the need for collaboration and partnership to fight Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, and are continuously looking at the role we can play to have a more proactive approach, while helping advance the progress that our partners have made so far.

To further our commitment to aligning and collaborating with partners on this issue, today we are proud and excited to announce that Niantic has joined the Tech Coalition. The Tech Coalition is an alliance of global tech companies who have committed to tackle online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse through knowledge and information sharing, the engagement of external stakeholders, research, and the innovation and adoption of new technologies. Our membership in this Coalition will magnify our efforts to keep our community safe within our games and products, and enable us to work with our colleagues across the tech industry to protect children online. The Tech Coalition’s vision of a digital world where children are free to play, learn, and explore without fear of harm, resonates with us and our own vision of the worlds we are building for our players.

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