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June 28, 2022
Unveiling NBA All-World

It’s my great pleasure to help unveil today what our team at Niantic has been working on for some time: NBA All- World, an officially licensed real-world mobile game that will bring basketball to life in all new ways.

Working on NBA All-World has been a dream project for me. I grew up in Jacksonville, FL playing sports and following all the major sports leagues. My favorite teams back then were the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia 76ers. I loved computers and my basketball gaming dates all the way back to One on One: Dr. J vs. Larry Bird on the Apple II from the early 80’s. When I learned how to code in middle school, I dreamed of making video games for a living. After graduating from college, I was determined to make a career out of my two passions: sports and video games. NBA All-World is the culmination of those passions!

What attracted me to NBA All-World was the chance to help create an all new sports gaming experience. It reminded me of my time at Sega working as a producer on the very first NBA 2K. I get immense satisfaction dreaming up future sports game experiences and bringing fresh new entertainment to life for gamers.

Our team at Niantic has been hard at work to forge a new type of sports game, one that blends the real world with 1-on-1 basketball action, collecting, fashion and more. Our development partner in Orlando, HypGames, has been stellar at leveraging their sports gaming expertise to deliver a fantastic experience, one that will appeal to both casual and core hoops fans alike.

We’re embarking on the next exciting step in the development with entering soft launch - I encourage you to sign up for news and follow along with us as we fast dribble towards a global launch!

-Marcus Matthews

Sr. Producer, NBA All-World

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