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September 13, 2018
Celebrating World Cleanup Day, Locally and Around the World
Blog > Celebrating World Cleanup Day, Locally and Around the World
September 13, 2018
Celebrating World Cleanup Day, Locally and Around the World


On September 15, people all over the world will come together for World Cleanup Day - a day that encourages the world’s citizens to help clean up trash in their local communities. As a technology company with millions of players around the world, we’re committed to keeping the Earth clean and finding ways to reduce waste and increase positive impact. In fact, through our social impact initiatives, we’ve prioritized campaigns focused on sustainability, along with personal wellness, and education.

But it’s not just employees at Niantic that seek to make the world a better place. Our players have already made a significant positive impact in the communities where they live, from Ingress Mission Days, events with the National Park Foundation and GORUCK run Ingress events, to our massive Earth Day cleanup. No matter the location or game, players have helped make the world a cleaner, more livable place through their own self-propelled initiatives.

During this year’s World Cleanup Day, we want to celebrate the communities that we know so well - both around the world and in the local neighborhoods where we have offices. We find that real impact starts at the grassroots level, and that supporting local nonprofits lifts up the entire community. Niantic is excited to announce that we will donate to a local cleanup NGO in each of the communities where we have offices - 8 locations around the world in total. The benefitting NGOs are:

In addition to our local giving campaign, we want to celebrate the players who love their communities and are hosting their own cleanup initiatives. If you’re participating in a cleanup event during this year’s World Cleanup Day, we’d love to hear about it! You can tell us about your event here, which includes sections to record your group impact and the total trash collected. Let's roll up our own sleeves, clean up our local communities, and see how much of a positive impact we can have together!

Happy World Cleanup Day!

—Yennie Solheim, Social Impact

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