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December 3, 2018
Accelerating Our Augmented Reality Vision With 5G Networks


Niantic is focused on delivering amazing shared Augmented Reality (AR) experiences through the conduit of our hit real-world AR mobile games. The ongoing rollout of ultra fast 5G networks and compatible devices in the coming year presents a number of exciting opportunities for us on that front. We’re confident that 5G networks can accelerate our vision of bridging the physical and digital worlds with advanced AR functionality such as real-time synchronous multiplayer AR experiences in a shared environment, persistence, and visual occlusion through contextual computer vision.

These advanced features, which are part of our Niantic Real World Platform, will take full advantage of 5G’s ultra-low latency (i.e.: 1 millisecond in 5G vs. 50 milliseconds in 4G^), and increased throughput (i.e.: up to 50 Gigabits/sec in 5G vs. 20 Megabits / sec average in 4G^) to provide seamless experiences for our users.

To pursue this vision, we announced a partnership with Deutsche Telekom–and their MobiledgeX Edge Servers and 5G network–in October to create dramatically scalable end-user experiences. Also, recently in London, we announced our support for GSMA’s AR/VR forum. This industry-wide initiative encourages all parties to collaborate on accelerating the delivery and deployment of a uniform API for 5G cloud-based AR services, including mobile edge computing (MEC). Also, we’ll be participating in the Open Edge Initiative with Carnegie Mellon University later this year, so keep an eye out for our contributions there.

All of this adds up to more immersive, exciting, and entertaining gameplay experiences. At Niantic, we’ve long celebrated adventures on foot with others, and with 5G networks and devices, people around the world will be able to experience those adventures faster and better.


—Omar Téllez, VP of Growth

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