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December 10, 2020
2020 Niantic Social Impact Report

Niantic Social Impact is, at its core, working to amplify the positive impact that our technology and experiences create. Our work is anchored in finding actionable ways to support communities and encourage exploration. We are excited to jump into the new year with a fresh perspective on making a real, lasting impact both locally and globally.

The global pandemic required that we pause our activations at community events and in person gatherings. However, we’ve continued to find ways to support community engagement, and initiatives like our Black Lives Matter commitment, the Local Business Recovery Initiative, participating in a business coalition for marriage equality in Japan and the power of virtual learning have inspired us to keep going.

The collective impact articulated below is a culmination of thoughtful Niantics, driven players, and innovative organizations that we have worked with to inspire positive change.

We are actively looking for partners around the world who are interested in finding ways to make a positive impact through storytelling, community engagements, and Augmented Reality. If you’re a city government, nonprofit, or foundation looking to engage in new ways, please reach out to us at

For more information on our social impact commitment, visit our page here.

—Yennie Solheim & Leah Caudell-Feagan, Social Impact

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