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June 6, 2024
Skatrix Pro Gets Big Update for Apple Vision Pro First major update since launch now includes full room mixed reality gameplay, skatepark builder, improved hand input gestures, nuanced environment sensing, and Lidar 3D meshing

By the Reality Crisis team

Earlier this year Niantic and Reality Crisis announced a co-publishing and collaboration deal for the Skatrix franchise shortly before the launch of the Apple Vision Pro. As a day one application, Skatrix Pro introduced the first spatial skateboarding game, and their new feature update brings a full mixed reality immersive gameplay to the user’s unique physical space.

It’s Time to Skate the Whole Room
At launch, Skatrix Pro presented players with a personal skatepark in which they could control their skateboarder in a floating volume in AR space. Now with the new update players can use the Apple Vision Pro’s AR scanning to skate in, on, and over the real world. Immersive gameplay transforms the user’s real-world surroundings into a dynamic skatepark environment, allowing for interaction with virtually any object, shape, or terrain. This enables players to skate and perform tricks on real elements around them, merging digital game content with physical spaces to create a unique skateboarding experience.

Using LiDAR Scanning for More Immersive Details
With the new Skatrix Pro, LiDAR scanning constructs a detailed 3D mesh from the user’s surroundings, capturing the environment’s geometry with high precision. This detailed mesh serves as the structure for immersive gameplay, enabling accurate and realistic interactions within a virtual space that mirrors the real world.

3D Spatial Hand Gestures
Just as learning new tricks is part of skateboarding in the real world, bringing skateboarding to spatial means learning new ways to control the experience. Skatrix is exploring the possibilities with the virtual joystick and now with 3D hand input gestures, it’s easier to control the avatar while exploring new tricks in new spaces.

What’s Next for Skatrix?
As we continue to develop Skatrix Pro we hope to create a community of users who love the experience we are bringing to the Apple Vision Pro. In the future we will connect the dots between headset and mobile gameplay to bring a truly unique cross platform XR experience to the skateboarding world. Skateboarding is an environment-driven act by its nature. The level of accuracy needed to digitally integrate content from the physical world’s shapes, objects, and surfaces is taken to extremes in the context of skateboarding. Through developing Skatrix we strive to influence the tools and resources available for developers by pushing the boundaries of what the technology is capable of enabling.

More About Reality Crisis & Skatrix: Building For a Mixed Reality World
At Reality Crisis, Skatrix is more than a game; it’s our way of pushing the boundaries of immersive gameplay. We focus on creating tools and technology to enhance mixed reality application development. We’re integrating AI with AR to improve our platform’s ability to interpret real-world environments. This innovation has earned us support and funding from the European Union’s Media & Immersive Lab (EMIL).

Skatrix aims to revolutionize skateboarding games. Inspired by Rodney Mullen since 2019, we strive to create a unique experience worthy of his legacy. Our AR gameplay for mobile devices attracted professional skateboarders, sports brands, and tech companies like Niantic. Now, we’re ready to innovate on headsets, starting with the Apple Vision Pro, and deliver an unparalleled cross-platform immersive experience.

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